RE: [OT] Re: CML2 1.3.1, aka "I stick my neck out a mile..."

From: Leif Sawyer (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 12:40:20 EST

Jeff Garzik writes:
> Does anybody have a procmail recipe that filters out e-mail to
> linux-kernel that contain ridiculously long .sigs?
> --
> Jeff Garzik | Game called on account of naked chick

Oh for fsck's sake. You've now wasted 1000x more bandwidth bitching
about sig length than the the actual sig used up.

Get a life. Ignore that which displeases you. Ignorance is bliss.
You are no longer a republican. Eat your vegatables.

Just stop whining about ESR's sigs already.

And now back to your regularly scheduled kernel hacking.

(woo! sluggy freelance. poing!)

#insert <longsig.h>

Leif Sawyer   --  Pi@4398680  ||  ||  internic: LS2540 
(907) 868 - 0116   ||  ICQ - 3749190  ||
Network Engineer -- General Communication Inc.
PGP Fingerprint: 77 C8 34 B8 FD BC C6 32  5F FE 93 4B AE 6C F7 4E
Version: 3.1
GAT d+ s: a C+++(++)$ US++++$ UL++++$ P+++ L++(+++) E---
W+++ N+ o+ K w O- M- V PS+ PE Y+ PGP(+) t+@ 5- X R- tv b++(+++)
DI++++ D++ G+ e(+)* h-- r++ y+ PP++++ HH++++ A19 NT{--}
Decode it!

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