Re: BUG: USB/Reboot

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 17:46:41 EST

> I'm not familiar with that option, where would I be setting it? Or even
> better, where is it documented?


and arch/i386/kernel/boot.c

                switch (*str) {
                case 'w': /* "warm" reboot (no memory testing etc) */
                        reboot_mode = 0x1234;
                case 'c': /* "cold" reboot (with memory testing etc) */
                        reboot_mode = 0x0;
                case 'b': /* "bios" reboot by jumping through the BIOS */
                        reboot_thru_bios = 1;
                case 'h': /* "hard" reboot by toggling RESET and/or crashing th
                        reboot_thru_bios = 0;


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