2x Oracle slowdown from 2.2.16 to 2.4.4

From: Brian Strand (bstrand@switchmanagement.com)
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 19:45:16 EST

We are running 3 Oracle servers, each dual CPU, 1 1GB and 2 2GB memory,
 between 36-180GB of RAID. On June 26, I upgraded all boxes from Suse
7.0 to Suse 7.2 (going from kernel version 2.2.16-40 to 2.4.4-14).
 Reviewing Oracle job times (jobs range from a few minutes to 10 hours)
before and after, performance is almost exactly twice as poor after the
upgrade versus before the upgrade. Nothing in the hardware or Oracle
configuration has changed on any server. Does anyone have any ideas as
to what might cause this?

Brian Strand
CTO Switch Management

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