getpeereid() for Linux

From: Florian Weimer (Florian.Weimer@RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE)
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 04:14:41 EST

Would anyone like to give me a helping hand in implementing the
getpeereid() syscall for Linux? See the following page for the
documentation of the OpenBSD implementation:

I think I could work out the kernel data structures to gather the
relevant data from, however, I won't get all the locking stuff right.

OTOH, is there any chance that the addition of such a syscall would be

Thanks to /proc, it is possible to implement the user ID part of the
syscall in userland, at least for TCP sockets, but this isn't enough.
(I've got a such an implementation which seems to work quite well,
just in case you are interested.)

Florian Weimer 	                  Florian.Weimer@RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE
University of Stuttgart 
RUS-CERT                          +49-711-685-5973/fax +49-711-685-5898
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