Re: [PATCH] Significant performace improvements on reiserfs systems, kupdated bugfixes

From: Stephen C. Tweedie (
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 09:37:00 EST


On Fri, Sep 21, 2001 at 03:26:27PM +0200, Matthias Andree wrote:

> Be careful! MTAs rely on this behaviour on fsync(). The official
> consensus on ReiserFS and ext3 on current Linux 2.4.x kernels (x >= 9)
> is that "any synchronous operation flushes all pending operations", and
> if that is changed, you MUST make sure that the changed ReiserFS/ext3fs
> still make all the guarantees that softupdated BSD file systems make,
> lest you want people to run their mail queues off "sync" disks.

Reiserfs and ext3 have their own IO ordering --- they don't commit
transactions until the log writes for _all_ of the blocks in those
transactions have been acknowledged. Reordering outstanding IOs won't
affect the fsync guarantees at all.

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