Binary only module overview

From: Arjan van de Ven (
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 11:40:44 EST


I'm composing a list of all existing binary only modules,
and I got to a list of 26 different modules; I undoubtedly forgot a few,
so I hereby request feedback from people who know about modules I
left out, so that I can complete the list. (I do not really care about
modules that once existed for 2.0 or earlier and no longer exist for all
intents and purposes)

  Arjan van de Ven

Hardware drivers
4-Front - soundcard drivers
Adaptec - Fiberchannel cards
Agilent - Fiberchannel cards
aureal - driver for soundcard
Conexant - winmodem driver
Emulex - Fiberchannel cards
Highpoint - lowlevel IDE driver + software raid
IBM - All hardware networkdrivers for S/390
Lucent - driver for winmodem
Motorola - driver for winmodem
M-Systems - flash chips
NVidia - 3D driver for their hardware
Olicom - tokenring networkcard
PCTel - winmodem driver
Philips - webcam driver
Promise - lowlevel IDE driver + software raid
Sigma designs - driver for soundcard

Highlevel drivers
Cisco - IPSEC
Hewlet Packard - High level security modules (LSM)
Intel - IPSEC
Netraverse - Win4lin
SGI - XFS cluster extensions
                - High level security modules (LSM)
Sistina - GFS and cluster extensions for LVM
Veritas - Filesystem and Software RAID clusterextensions
Wirex - High level security modules (LSM)

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