Announce: kdb v1.9 is available for kernel 2.4.10

From: Keith Owens (
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 20:58:47 EST

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kdb v1.8 has just been keeping track of Linus and -ac kernels. kdb
v1.9 flushes my folder of outstanding kdb patches. Thanks to everybody
who sent patches and apologies for the delay in including them.

There is also a kdb v1.8 patch against 2.4.10 in that directory, as
well as v1.8 patches for 2.4.9-ac. I will not be releasing kdb v1.9
against 2.4.9-ac or 2.4.9-ia64, I am waiting for -ac and -ia64 to sync
to 2.4.10. The XFS CVS tree is up to kernel 2.4.10 but is still using
kdb v1.8, I will update XFS to kdb v1.9 in two days time.

Changelog extract.

2001-09-25 Keith Owens <>

        * Update kdb v1.8 to kernel 2.4.10.

        * kdbm_pg patch from Hugh Dickens.

        * DProbes patch from Bharata B Rao.

        * mdWcn and mmW patch from Vamsi Krishna S.

        * i386 disasm layout patch from Jean-Marc Saffroy.

        * Work around for 64 bit binutils, Simon Munton.

        * doc correction by Chris Pascoe.

        * Enter repeats the last command, IA64 disasm only prints one
          instruction. Don Dugger.

        * Allow kdb/modules to be linked into vmlinux.

        * Remove obsolete code from kdb/modules/kdbm_{pg,vm}.c.

        * Warn when commands are entered at more prompt.


        * Release as kdb v1.9.

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