Re: Kernel Recommended Defaults

From: J Sloan (
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 17:36:48 EST

Peter Moscatt wrote:

> I am about to compile and install my first kernel and
> want to make sure I have things pretty well set before
> I create the image.
> Is there guides available where they show recommended
> defaults - especially in the Network arena ?

1. although the initrd is a nice hack, I generally
avoid all that and compile all the requirements of
the root file system into the kernel -

2. everything else, I generally compile as modular.
this is extremely helpful in troubleshooting, e.g.
you can load/unload drivers without a reboot.

3. It doesn't hurt to have modules compiled for
cards you don't need, since they will not be
loaded. However, you want to avoid the opposite
scenario - not having the driver you need.

4. the defaults are usually sane, but look at
each and every one the first time you do a
kernel config.

5. DO NOT simply blow away your old kernel -
you will be sorry if you do. leave the old kernel
intact as a fallback, and make the necessary
edits to lilo, grub or whatever boot manager
you are using.



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