linux hangs on dell latitude CPI A

From: Jan De Luyck (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 03:47:34 EST

Hello All,

I've recently installed linux on the company laptop. With the kernel that
comes with slack 8 it works fine (2.4.5), but since I don't really like
precompiled kernels, i got the code of 2.4.9 (and 2.4.10 now) from the net,
configged and compiled that one.

Unfortunately, with these kernels, my laptop freezes from time to time. I've
checked the logs, no special entries or anything.

I've activated the sysrq keys to be able to sync and unmount my partitions to
avoid fs damage, but it's very annoying.

These lockups can occur anywhere from right after boot or after 20 minutes.

I've tested both with APM and withouth APM, doesn't make a difference.

Any ideas?



(attached: kernel .config)

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