Re: [linux-usb-devel] RE: [PATCH -R] Re: 2.4.10 is toxic to my system when I use my US

From: Georg Acher (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 07:13:44 EST

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 08:33:27AM +0200, Nemosoft Unv. wrote:
> Personally, I say the above piece of code is faulty. Refering to a
> pointer after you appearently deleted it, is just very bad programming
> practice.

ACK ;-) And according to our CVS it is lurking around since March 2000.
There are a few similar actions in other portions of the code, but they are
correct (as far I can see...).

> I?d say, fix the usb-uhci file, and do a quick run on all other instances
> of list_del. I think most programmers got it right, or 2.4.10 kernels would
> be coming down all over the planet.

Fix attached. Please apply it.

         Georg Acher,         
          "Oh no, not again !" The bowl of petunias          

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