Re: [BENCH] Problems with IO throughput and fairness with 2.4.10 and 2.4.9-ac15

From: Andrey Nekrasov (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 05:27:40 EST

Hello Gerold Jury,

Once you wrote about "Re: [BENCH] Problems with IO throughput and fairness with 2.4.10 and 2.4.9-ac15":
> I have tried 2.4.9-xfs against 2.4.10-xfs with dbench.
> The machine has 384 MB ram.

 IDE/SCSI/RAID Controller?

> The throughput is roughly the same for both with dbench 2.
> dbench 32 runs fine on 2.4.9-xfs but does not finish on 2.4.10-xfs.
> dbench 24 will finish on 2.4.10 but it takes a very very long time.
> All dbench processes are stuck in D state after 10 seconds.
> I am not sure if it is the xfs part, the VM or both.
> Can you give the dbench 32 a try ?

I am run "dbench 32", all test ok.
Kernel 2.4.10-xfs + 2.4.10.aa1 + preempteble patch.
File system on test partition ext2.

Compiled with no highmem support.

Hardware configuration:

Dell Optiplex G1 (P2-350/256RAM/IDE disk 1Gb)

Andrey Nekrasov, SpyLOG.
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