[ANNOUNCE] Powertweak 0.99.3

From: Dave Jones (davej@suse.de)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 12:40:08 EST

Version 0.99.3 of the multi-purpose performance tuning / hardware
configuration tool 'Powertweak' has been released.

You can find tarballs at
RPMs/Debs will follow soon.



Release notes follow:
v0.99.3 [Release 21. -- The 'voon' release ]

- Bugfixes:
  - Daemon now handles >1 HUP.
  - Daemon applies settings on getting a HUP.
  - SMART code doesn't keep device fd open anymore.
  - Make install no longer overwrites existing config files.
  - CDROM backend now respects min/max settings in /proc
  - CPU backend now handles SMP boxes properly.
  - CPU backend handles steppings correctly.
  - Close open fds lying around at daemon creation time (Debian bug 111840)

- New Features:
  - Tweaks that have changed value since the daemon has loaded
    now reflect their current state in the UIs.
  - Subtrees are now sorted alphabetically in UIs.
  - Powerdown joystick port option for ymf744b sound card.
  - Daemon --no-info option to skip `info' tweaks.
  - Pentium III & AMD Athlon XML added.
  - Informational MTRR backend added.

- Architectural changes:
  - CPU backend now only does CPU identification once
    at init time, not every time a tweak is allocated.
    End result : Lower backend memory usage.
  - All backends had destructors auditted & cleaned up.
  - Addition of GetValueRaw() method to tweak struct meant
    backend init paths got much cleaner.
  - Removal of lots of useless/old/duplicated code.
  - Tweak allocation methods changed to accept tweaktype argument.
  - Standarise some XML tags between backends.
  - powertweakd now becomes a daemon before loading tweaks.

| Dave Jones.                    http://www.codemonkey.org.uk
| SuSE Labs .
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