RE: apm suspend broken in 2.4.10

From: Alex Cruise (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 17:30:13 EST

From: Randy.Dunlap []
> > Here's the complete list of modules which might typically
> > be loaded at boot:
> > [ ad nausaeum ]

> Unload some of these (that you don't really need to run)
> and try "apm -s".
> If that fails, unload some more of them and try again...
> That would at least narrow down the search for us.

I already tried that... Maybe my message didn't get through :)

>AC> Just for fun, I tried removing all of my loaded 2.4.10 modules one by
>AC> and attempting 'apm --suspend' in between, and still had the same
>AC> when I got down to the bare minimum (ext3 and jbd)

Anyway, it looks like something keyboard- or A20-related is vetoing my
suspend request. Did you get my "the plot thickens" message? It's not
appearing in the lkml archives, maybe it got lost last night.

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