2.4.10 - cerberized OK

From: Samium Gromoff (_deepfire@mail.ru)
Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 17:53:21 EST

          Okay folks, seems like the days when non-ac`ed 2.4
    died after 15s of cerberus are gone... ;-)
       Today i made a 13h50m cerberization and it was pretty stable...
       Also i made a ac16 test, and i realised that ac16 was _much_ more
    responsive! Actually 2.4.10 have 70% cpu free (p166/24) and
    ttyS0-bound irc client (epic) stalled so much, that i hate it...
    2.4.9-ac16 was more or less sane in these terms (1-2 sec max stalls)
    But actually i ran it only for 1.5 hurs on ac16, so ...

cheers, Samium Gromoff
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