Re: rtl8139 nic dies with load (2.4.10, kt266)

From: Oliver Seemann (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 10:22:44 EST


> Recompile, reboot, load eth0 until it locks up, and send us the dmesg
> output.

ok done.

i've attached the zipped log (>200k).
the most interesting part ist maybe the following:

rtl8139_rx_err: eth0: Ethernet frame had errors, status 194f4571.
rtl8139_set_rx_mode: ENTER
rtl8139_set_rx_mode: eth0: rtl8139_set_rx_mode(1003) done -- Rx config
ether_crc: ENTER
ether_crc: EXIT, returning 2141400475
rtl8139_set_rx_mode: EXIT

hmm faulty ethernet frame, nic broken ?


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