Re: [OT] New Anti-Terrorism Law makes "hacking" punishable by lifein prison

From: Michael Bacarella (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 19:17:38 EST

On Sun, Sep 30, 2001 at 05:24:00PM -0600, D. Stimits wrote:
> > wankers pretending to be sysadmins, driving the wages down and replacing
> > clued people with illiterate trash. Getting rid of script kiddies is
> > nice, but fsckwits who are directly responsible for current situation
> > should be first against the wall.
> Don't forget the management that is interested in paper skills, rather
> than ability to do the job. Unless you can add some things on paper,
> like particular certifications, you can't even get an interview.

Quick survey:

How many people here really want to work at a company where
management tosses resumes that don't say MCSE or CCNA or RHCE?

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