Support of sonypi module/code

From: Lee Packham (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 03:40:30 EST

Am I going to be treading on anybody's toes if I release a patch for the
sonypi module to add battery and AC power information support?

The reason is thus, to stop the fan spinning all the time on my laptop I
have to use ACPI (I have a Vaio FX-103). It doesn't work great, but it

ACPI can't report battery info. Nor can APM!

You have to use the Programmable Interrupts thing to get them out of the
system. I wrote a program that did this (vaiod) on a polling interval to
set my screen brightness automagically but I would have to poll things
manually. It would be great to do this though /dev/sonypi.

It doesn't look like the code has been updated for ages. So is anybody
going to complain if I do it?

Lee Packham

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