Re: [PATCH] i810_audio fix for version 0.11

From: Andris Pavenis (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 04:25:19 EST

On Saturday 08 December 2001 10:39, Andris Pavenis wrote:
> Sorry, but this patch is still not OK. It still causes system
> locking up for me.
> In some cases I have (I added printk in __start_dac):
> dmabuf->count = 0
> dmabuf->ready = 1
> dmabuf->enable = 1
> PCM_ENABLE_OUTPUT set in dmabuf->triger
> in __start_dac(). As result nothing was done in this procedure
> and I got system locking in __i810_update_lvi() immediatelly after
> that. This was reason why I added return code to __start_dac,
> __start_adc to skip the loop if there is nothing to wait for.
> Perhaps checking return code is more efficient and less error prone
> that repeating all conditions in __i810_update_lvi.
> Maybe really we should use wait_event_interruptible() instead
> of plain loop in __i810_update_lvi(). This happens not so often,
> so I don't think it could cause too big delays. At least we could
> avoid kernel freezing in this way.

Here is my updated patch against v0.12 (I changed version to 0.12a to point
a version against which is the patch)


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