Re: Would the father of init_mem_lth please stand up

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 06:07:13 EST

> Really someone needs slapping across. What kind of code is that
> (in 2.5.1-pre6):

Whoever merged that crap also wants a good kicking. First we have the joke
ps/2 merge, now this. Is Linus trying to force someone to take over or is
small children combined with a pending christmas really the doom that some
folks claim 8)

> I stringly urge Linus to drop this so-called "cleanup" from 2.5.1.
> No doubt, the existing code was bad. I fixed it somewhat for 2.4,
> and am feeding it to Marcelo. I can forward-port that to 2.5
> if anyone is interested.

Did you clean it up as far as making the disks an array of pointers not
of objects ?

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