[CFT][PATCH] next bunch of cleanups - initrd and friends

From: Alexander Viro (viro@math.psu.edu)
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 08:26:27 EST

        Folks, next series of cleanups is on ftp.math.psu.edu/pub/viro/K*
        * fix for do_mount -> mount fsckup in mount_root()
        * various local cleanups in do_mounts.c - it's still messy as hell,
but it's getting slightly better.
        * initrd-related logics partially moved to do_mounts.c
        * black magic in rd_load_image() is gone. No fake struct file,
no fake struct dentry, just open()/read()/write()/close() for IO.

It works here on all setups I could think of (ones involving floppy
require module_init(floppy_init) in drivers/block/floppy.c).

Please, help with testing and review. It's a gradual massage (11 chunks
in that series) and it's not complete - there will be more. All steps
are pretty small, so verifying correctness shouldn't be hard (well, modulo
the fact that code being massaged is a festering pile of ifdefs; some of
them go to hell, but we still have too much of that mess, so more cleanups
will follow).

If I see no complaints it goes to Linus for next pre-release...

Contents of chunks:
        K0 - fix for mount_root() bug.
        K1 - rd_load_image() had lost its second argument (all callers passed
the same value). It returns 1 or 0 in case of success and failure resp. and
leaves setting ROOT_DEV and ROOT_DEV_NAME to callers. rd_load_secondary()
used to have a bug - it used to set ROOT_DEV_NAME to "rd/0" while setting
ROOT_DEV to ram1. Fixed.
        K2 - initrd_load() moved to do_mounts.c and setting ROOT_DEV{,_NAME}
is taken to its caller.
        K3 - initrd handling (change_root() call, etc.) had been pulled into
the only branch in prepare_namespace() that could trigger it.
        K4 - new helper - mount_block_root(). Part of mount_root() that
gets the list of fs types and loops over them, trying to mount. mount_root()
uses it now.
        K5 - initrd handling is taken into separate function. Fixed old
bug - if we ask for initrd and loading initrd fails (i.e. we don't recognize
the contents) we used to mount final root read-write since root_mountflags
was changed early and not restored.
        K6 - change_root() megred into handle_initrd() and cleaned up. In
particular, ioctl_by_bdev() is not used anymore - we simply open and call
ioctl(2). Black magic with renaming vfsmount is gone.
        K7 - new helper - mount_nfs_root(). mount_root() calls it now.
Slight ifdefectomy done.
        K8 - rd_load() and rd_load_secondary() moved to do_mounts.c. Ditto
for rd_load_disk(). Calls of rd_load{,_secondary} expanded, functions
themselves are gone.
        K9 - we maintain correct device node in /dev/root, setting it whenever
we change ROOT_DEV.
        K10 - rd_load_image() gets device names instead of device numbers
now. As the result, black magic with accessing devices is gone - we use
normal IO mechanisms. Cosmetical cleanups done in do_mounts.c (when function
contains 3 instances of MKDEV(RAMDISK_MAJOR, 0) it's a clear sign that there
is a local variable wanting to happen).

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