Re: Memory Interleave + kernel + VIA chipsets == possible ?

From: Ivanovich (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 10:55:57 EST

A Dissabte 08 Desembre 2001 16:02, Pantelis Proios va escriure:
> Is there a way to enable the memory interleaving of modern VIA chipsets
> (Apollo Pro-133 in my case) through the Linux kernel or some other
> software?
> From what I understand it's done through some PCI register tweaking ..
> Can it be done with setpci or code is needed ?
> any info would be welcomed

i have an ApolloPro 133 and i made that in windoze with a program from somone
called H. Oda. it was very well documented and i found tweaks for 4x
interleaving, active paging control, and read around write for the ApolloPro

i wrote the tweaks in a sheet and modified /proc/bus/pci/00/00.0 with a hex
editor ..... so there is something called setpci to make it easier? will read
the man page later :)

the fact is that i dont remember the exact bits to tweak, i'm going to load
windoze and look which bits i had to tweak again, so will mail them to you

i noticed an interesting increase in memory throughput (with a windoze bench)
can anyone point a way to test mem throughput in linux so we can test if the
tweaks work?
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