From: Miguel Maria Godinho de Matos (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 17:13:59 EST

I have recently compiled the kernel 2.4.16 in a P2 running red hat 7.2.

I have a hp82xxxx so i made sure i selected the SCSI support, as well as SCSI
cdrom support and tape support ( don't know why though ) and disk support all
that stuff, but i compiled them as an integrated part of the kernel and not
as modules!!!!

I Also selected usb mass storage support and stuff but that doesn't matter
for now!!

Well the problem is:

whenever linux boots it trys to load the Scsi modules for the new kernel but
it [ fails ], i figure this is because my previous had scsi as module and now
it isn't a module but a integrated part of the kernel, so i turned off the
scsi from the service manager. ( don't know if i am right though ).

second, how do i make sure scsi support is actually running???

third, if scsi is running and if i have the usb mass storage built into the
kernel, why doesn't my cd-rw appear listed as a scsi connected device as it

regards, Astinus.
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