APM woes: IBM T20 Thinkpad

From: Alex Hudson (home@alexhudson.com)
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 18:20:34 EST

I'm running a self-compiled Linux 2.4.16-pre1 on a IBM-T20, and am
seeing problems with APM.

Most times I suspend (apm --suspend) I can't un-suspend successfully
(I've managed it _once_ ;). This is since upgrading - I was previously
using a Debian version of 2.4.9. I have gone down to the console,
turning off most services (e.g., ps aux is about one screen-ful) and it
still doesn't work, so it doesn't appear to be some other service.

When re-animating, the disks come on and the screen backlights, but
nothing much else. Disk access is non-existant (or at least,
sufficiently minimal that I can't detect it) and the network isn't

I've also seen a couple of other apm-wierdos - the battery being at 99%
full, for example, even after being on the charger for a while. I also
tend to see a lot of disk activity - the light flashes several times a
second - but then, I'm usually heavily into swap (running Gnome, etc..).

If someone could point out some tests I could try to pin this down, or
has some other suggestion, I would be very grateful.



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