Re: PATCH: linux-2.5.1-pre7/drivers/block/xd.c compilation fix (version 2)

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 01:06:57 EST

>> Linus, if nobody says otherwise, I recommend that you apply
>> this patch.

>Well, I already applied your previous one, in fact, and it's in the
>just-uploaded pre8 kernel.


>Mind verifying that and sending the incremental update?

        No problem. I have attached the one line addition below.

>Btw, do you actually _have_ a machine that uses the xd driver, or was this
>patch done just out of some perverse joy in theoretical retrocomputing?

        Years ago, I submitted a patch to allow configuration of
the kernel with "./configure", which would configure every driver as
a module, aside from compiling in the initial ramdisk and the initial
ramdisk's filesystem. I haven't configured a kernel for years; the
boot scripts and hot plugging software do that. The same binary
build of the kernel can run on all of my x86 hardware.

        That is why I know that 92 files failed to compile on x86 in
2.5.1-pre7, and largely why I care about fixing xd.c.

        Anyhow, thanks for asking. By the way, if you have any interest
in integrating my "./configure" functionality now, I would be happy to
clean it up and resubmit it. (It is mostly a patch to scripts/Configure.)

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--- linux-2.5.1-pre8/drivers/block/xd.c Sat Dec 8 21:29:50 2001
+++ linux/drivers/block/xd.c Sat Dec 8 20:19:54 2001
@@ -287,6 +287,7 @@
                 INIT_REQUEST; /* do some checking on the request structure */
                 if (CURRENT_DEV < xd_drives
+ && (CURRENT->flags & REQ_CMD)
                     && CURRENT->sector + CURRENT->nr_sectors
                          <= xd_struct[MINOR(CURRENT->rq_dev)].nr_sects) {
                         block = CURRENT->sector;
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