hacking your own genitives

From: Rick A. Hohensee (rickh@Capaccess.org)
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 04:44:37 EST

Gideon Glass <[11]gid@cisco.com>:
> confusing because it suggests that this feature belongs to Windows,
> that it's part of Windows itself, but obviously it isn't (the
> being referred to is part of Linux). It is only *related* to
   Windows, so
> the adjectival "Windows" is the best thing to use.
   That's correct. Furthermore, those genitives were malformed. :-)


Oh well. Unix don't need no steenkin genitives. Maybe IBM or somebody
will take them. I hear they do save bundles.

Rick Hohensee
cLIeNUX User O0

BTW, I'm on
Internet access, my old DC Freenetoid account, and the Maryland library
system's free Lynx service, Sailor. It's on Debian Linux. Log in to the
State of Maryland, login guest, set terminal type to Linux, fancy colors!
Hit d on an ftp link and cLIeNUX's C-kermit and Debian's just find each
other. Unfortunately, it doesn't let you set you editor in Lynx to tcsh
like the freenet account used too :o) So I have to actually visit the
library to update cLIeNUX. Version control, so to speak.

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