Re: 2.4.16: Bizarre TCP throughput problems

From: Manfred Spraul (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 05:20:26 EST

>cbgb-2.4.16 pern NFS/UDP ~12 MB/s, .5s to copy a 5MB file
> cbgb-2.4.14 pern HTTP/TCP 12 MB/s, .5s to copy a 5MB file
> cbgb-2.4.16 pern HTTP/TCP 7.45 KB/s, 300s to copy a 2MB file
Could you try:
- if concurrent flood pings between cbgb an dpern improve the throughput
with 2.4.16 and HTTP?
 # ping -f pern
# ping -f cbdb

- Could you check what happens with 2.4.16 if you revert to the tulip
driver from 2.4.14?

Copy the entire linux/drivers/net/tulip/ directory from 2.4.16 into 2.4.14.


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