per-char IO tests

From: Russell Coker (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 10:14:30 EST

I have released a new experimental version of Bonnie++ that includes a
program to test per-char IO using putc()/getc(), putc()/getc() when linked in
a non-threaded way (significantly improves performance)
putc_unlocked()/getc_unlocked(), and write()/read().

Here's the results of testing my Thinkpad T20 with P3-650:

Version 1.93 write read putcNT getcNT putc getc putcU getcU
lyta 142 651 8189 9348 1763 1813 22174 44887

Here's the results of testing my Athlon 800 play machine:

Version 1.93 write read putcNT getcNT putc getc putcU getcU
test 146 607 7356 7280 1834 1971 41995 59100

Both machines run ReiserFS. A quick test indicates that using Ext2 instead
of ReiserFS triples the performance of write(fd, buf, 1), but this is
something I already knew (and had mentioned before on the ReiserFS list).

Also based on previous tests I expect Solaris to outperform Linux with glibc
on putcNT, getcNT, putc, and getc. The regular performance of putc() on
Solaris comes close to putc_unlocked() on Linux with glibc.

I'd like to thank Andrew Morton for forwarding messages from L-K that
provoked me to write this new test program.

I was tempted to subscribe to L-K to join this discussion, but it seems that
Linus is saying everything that needs to be said anyway so there's no point.

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