Re: Oops on 2.4.17-pre6 at boot time

From: victor1 torres (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 14:08:25 EST

I have a Celeron 567 compiled for a i686 The previse kernel was 2.4.16 which
worked correctly. These are my steps: downloaded the patch, patched kernel
2.4.16 to 2.4.17-pre6 mv my config file out of the way so that i could do a
make mrproper and a make clean then i moved my config file back and did a
make menuconfig saved it and did a make bzImage && make modules && make
modules_install I have a i810E grahpics board i810 Audio & Modem(Which
doesnŽt work) USB Hud, ACPI(which worked fine in 2.4.16) anything else IŽll
be happy to give any other details.

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