Re: Slight Return (was Re: [VM] 2.4.14/15-pre4 too "swap-happy"?)

From: Marcelo Tosatti (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 13:51:14 EST

On Sat, 8 Dec 2001, Ken Brownfield wrote:

> Just a quick followup to this, which is still a near show-stopper issue
> for me.
> This is easy to reproduce for me if I run updatedb locally, and then run
> updatedb on a remote machine that's scanning an NFS-mounted filesystem
> from the original local machine. Instant kswapd saturation, especially
> on large filesystems.
> Doing updatedb on NFS-mounted filesystems also seems to cause kswapd to
> peg on the NFS-client side as well.

Can you reproduce the problem without the over NFS updatedb?


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