Re: [PATCH] eepro100 - need testers

From: Ben Greear (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 22:42:10 EST

Before this patch, I would see out-of-resource messages when I ran
50Mbps+ traffic + bonnie++ on a P-III 550Mhz machine. With this patch,
I see no error messages, and traffic is flowing fine...

So, seems like a winner to me!

PS. I don't currently have any machines available to test the
cmd-timeout issues with the eepro driver and some NICs. Has
anyone tested to see if this patch actually fixes those problems too?


Tim Hockin wrote:

> This patch was developed here to resolve a number of eepro100 issues we
> were seeing. I'd like to get people to try this on their eepro100 chips and
> beat on it for a while.
> volunteers?
> Tim

Ben Greear <>       <Ben_Greear AT>
President of Candela Technologies Inc

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