ip_nat_irc bug?

From: Ido Diamant (ido@the.linux-dude.net)
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 05:52:11 EST


 After compiling kernel 2.4.16, I'v seen that I can't dcc chat bots
running on my local computer. I tried to see why its happening, and
couldn't get into any reasonable idea.
Yesterday I remembered that I compiled the 2.4.16 with the ip_nat_irc
module, and loaded it by default with my firewall. I rmmod ip_nat_irc and
suddenly I could dcc chat my local bots.
Q. Why is it happening?
Q. Am I using this module correctly? as far as I know, I just need to load
the module, and thats it, am I wrong? should I create some kind of rule
for it?
Q. Is it bug?

        Ido Diamant

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