Re: TCP LAST-ACK state broken in 2.4.17-pre2

Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 13:34:47 EST


> Either LAST-ACK is completely broken or Linux just cannot handle a
> FIN-ACK that is piggybacked on a data segment, when received in LAST-ACK
> state.

It cannot handle even pure FIN in this state. :-( I bring apologies,
it is my fault. Thank you.

Well, you can just add one line to tcp_input.c to repair this.

                /* Fall through */
+ case TCP_LAST_ACK:
        case TCP_ESTABLISHED:
                tcp_data_queue(sk, skb);

Dave, "official" patch will follow later. I must think about
some marginal effect in TCP_CLOSE_WAIT and TCP_CLOSING, which can break
out of switch too. Duh, do specs say something about segments with seqs
above fin? I do not remember.

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