Re: question on select: How big can the empty buffer space be before select returns ready-to-write?

From: Christopher Friesen (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 14:05:31 EST

Chris Wright wrote:
> * Ben Greear ( wrote:
> > For instance, it appears that select will return that a socket is
> > writable when there is, say 8k of buffer space in it. However, if
> > I'm sending 32k UDP packets, this still causes me to drop packets
> > due to a lack of resources...
> udp has a fixed 8k max payload. did you try breaking up your packets?

Are you sure about that? UDP has a 16-bit field for the length. Thus the
standard technically allows for packet sizes (including header) of up to 2^16
(roughly 65K) bytes.


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