Re: [PATCH] Make highly niced processes run only when idle

From: Steve Bergman (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 20:35:16 EST

I'm not a kernel hacker by any stretch of the imagination but I do
follow lkml. While SCHED_IDLE would be really nice it seems like this
topic comes up from time to time there always seems to be a (deadlock)
catch that keeps it from getting into the main kernel tree. While it
would be really great if Robert's patch turns out to be the magic bullet
this time, as a Linux user and SetiAtHome supporter I would be happy
just to have a "nice -19" that was truly nice. Running setiathome at
nice -19 on my box and then firing up a processor intensive process at
normal priority, I find that seti still uses 14% processor according to
top. I like to run 2 setiathome processes because I get better overall
throughput that way, but the 2 combined then get ~25% of the processor.
Not really all that nice. Would it be difficult to make "19" a special
case that was really, really nice, but not *totally* nice? Avoiding
deadlock but still following the spirit of SCHED_IDLE?

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