Re: [PATCH] Make highly niced processes run only when idle

From: Ton Hospel (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 20:36:51 EST

In article <1007939114.878.1.camel@phantasy>,
        Robert Love <> writes:
> I've seen a few solutions. The easiest is to just give idle tasks a
> "boost" on occasion to give them a chance to prevent the deadlock. You
> then, however, have the problem where the tasks can take advantage of
> the boost... Or, we could fix in-kernel deadlocks by doing priority
> inheriting on locks held by A and wanted by B (i.e., if A holds

Please don't. Whenever you think you priority inheritance, it's a sign your
system has got too complicated. The simplest solution is to simply have no
priorities when a task is in-kernel (or at least non that can completely
exclude a task).
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