USB + PCI - IRQ = kernel bug??

From: Jonathan Stanford (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 22:29:14 EST

Got a problem usb subsystem......
it's not seeing anything past the root hub....
when a device is connected the following error pops up....

USB device not accepting new address=2 (error=-110)
see for yourself here -->

what i find interesting is that no interrupts are being sent
see for yourself here -->

i've removed just about all devices from the system.... and there is no

here's a list of the PCI bus......

this problem appears on everything from 2.4.7 (RH7.2 kern) to the
latest and greatest (2.4.17-pre8) and probably earlier kernels as well....

the southbridge/usb controler is the VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686b chip as you can see in

Let me know what else you need to make sence of this.......

-Jonathan Stanford

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