Re: IRQ Routing Problem on ALi Chipset Laptop (HP Pavilion N5425)

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 04:45:46 EST


> > My apologies, i misunderstood what you were saying before.. As an
> > additional data point, one person who tried my origional USB hack (moving
> > it to IRQ 11) also reported possible problems with PCMCIA not working
> > anymore... this isn't my experience however. Also note that the Trident
> > BladeXP is also on IRQ11, not that linux should care.
> PCMCIA (16-bit, not cardbus) ethernet/modem (only tried the modem) works
> fine for me with the patch. Haven't tried cardbus or multiple cards.

Yep, single PCMCIA card looks good even for me, it is two cards that
break, or swapping cards like crazy. I found out that disabling irq 5
(and 9?) in config.opts looks like a good trick. (You have to enable
something in compensation so you have enough irqs available, I let
pcmcia take irq 7).

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