Re: NULL pointer dereference in moxa driver

From: Stephan von Krawczynski (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 21:48:39 EST

> > There is no maintainer, and our code base has drifted a fair way
from what
> > moxa originally submitted (being a 2.0 driver with the serial
transmit race
> > bug).
> >
> > Anyone who wants to beat the mxser driver into shape, go for it.
> I'm using it under 2.4.x, but I missed the rest of this thread -
what are
> the issues?
Ok. Short summary (on mxser, moxa is different):
- multiple board support is broken
- driver blows up on illegal device minor numbers opened
- no security checks whatsoever on internal array overflows
- Completely broken port-number setup
- No visible NULL-pointer checks regarding dynamic structures
It looks like original taiwanese work: it is usable, but there are so
many dead ends in this code, you won't believe - and I did only look
some few minutes on it.
It desperately needs cleanup.
Listen Tim, if you want to do it, I can help you. But keep in mind, I
have no hardware. So I am probably not the right guy for maintenance.
If you do not feel comfortable, I will try it.
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