FBdev remains in unusable state

From: Pozsar Balazs (pozsy@sch.bme.hu)
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 13:49:43 EST

Hi all,

I am currently using 2.4.17-pre8, and X-4.1.0.

My problem is that if I turn on fb (eg pass vga=0x301 parameter), start an
X session, then switch back to the console using CTRL-ALT-Fx (or
ctrl-alt-bs :), i get 'out of sync' messages on my monitor. I can switch
back to the X session properly using ctrl-alt-fx, but i can never get back
again my console.

The video card is a matrox G450, and I am using the vesa framebuffer.
(I know there's a seperate mga fb driver, but this should work for this

Is this a bug in the kernel fb code, or in X? Are there any workarounds?
How could I restore textmode?

Please help if you can,

Balazs Pozsar

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