name-server in the kernel

From: Richard B. Johnson (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 15:27:19 EST

I deleted the name of the one who made the query. Of course
you could do the M$ way (bad network neighbor). You have the
routing information from within the kernel. Therefore, you
can query every possible address on port 53. This will eventually
get you some machine that pretends to be a name-server for the

I don't suggest you do this, though. If you need IP addresses
or name-to-address translation inside a module or a kernel-driver,
something is broken in the design, probably an understanding of
what the kernel is.

Dick Johnson

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    I was going to compile a list of innovations that could be
    attributed to Microsoft. Once I realized that Ctrl-Alt-Del
    was handled in the BIOS, I found that there aren't any.

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