Re: Bluetooth support on Linux

From: Jordan Crouse (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 17:28:37 EST

ut a generic Bluetooth driver isn't something that can
> easily be included in the Kernel itself, since the modules are still
> evolving too rapidly.

I disagree. Between the Bluez and Affix projects, it is just as easy to
write a new bluetooth driver as it is to write an new ethernet or sound
driver. I worked on a Bluetooth project recently (using the Bluez stack),
and everything was very easy and it worked flawlessly (thanks to Maksim
Krasnyanskiy and his team).
What's missing right now are the user land applications to make the bluetooth
more useful. The Windows world is replete with cute little programs that
make sonar noises while they discover, and provide simple user interfaces for
printing and whatever little else the Windows box allows. While our
functionality is all there, we have no auto discovery, and no easy way for
users to get discovered and connected.

With a little effort in the user's direction, bluetooth could be a very
useful thing. And since Microsoft has chosen not to provide a bluetooth
stack of their own (at least not in XP), Linux has the potential to be *the*
OS when it comes to Bluetooth.


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