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From: Alp ATICI (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 18:29:17 EST

I have a problem with the 2.4.14 kernel custom compiled on a RedHat 7.2. I
thought I was very careful in selecting the necessary modules at first.
Everything works great except that when I want to browse some sites
I get a "connection timed out". Most of the sites work ok but some
specific ones like,,
never works and gives the same error. When I boot up with other
kernel or win2000 everything works fine though:( Maybe this is
a consequence of some other bigger problem which I couldn't figure
out so far. It looks like only those sites filter out my http request.
What modules could I have forgotten to include?

Another question is I don't have ipt_MIRROR, ipt_unclean, ipt_iplimit
in netfilter modules anymore. What config settings should I set on
to have these back?
Thanks a lot,

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