Re: Network related

From: Russell King (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 18:53:14 EST

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 06:38:43PM -0500, Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:
> My guess is that this is becuase you have IPv6 turned on, and these sites
> resolve to an IPv6 address, as well as an IPv4 address. Linux will not,
> under these circumstances, fall back on the IPv4 address. Turn of IPv6,
> or connect to the 6bone.

Good theory, apart from a major flaw - nor
resolve to any IPv6 records (AAAA nor A6).

A better explaination would probably be ECN, and indeed, I am unable to
reach from a local ECN-enabled host.

> On Wed, 12 Dec 2001 18:29:17 -0500 (EST)
> Alp ATICI <> wrote:
> > I get a "connection timed out". Most of the sites work ok but some
> > specific ones like,,
> > never works and gives the same error.

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