Re: [RFC/PATCH] wide entries (was Re: We're down to just 32...)

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 00:05:42 EST

Barry K. Nathan <>:
> Which brings up the question of whether this problem (of entries being
> too wide for menuconfig) should be fixed, and if so, for which kernel
> versions/series. IMO, the problem should be fixed for the 2.4 kernels,
> since (if I'm not mistaken) it's going to be a while before CML2 becomes
> standard for 2.4 kernels, if it ever happens at all. For 2.5, OTOH,
> perhaps the help entries should be left alone in this regard since
> CML2's menuconfig isn't affected by this problem and CML2 is going to be
> merged into 2.5.

On the other hand, the 2.4 and 2.5 files have not forked yet,
and the overhead of fixing this problem is low.

Here's what I've done. First, I have applied your patch. Next, I added
the following line near the bottom of

# compile-command: "egrep -n '^ .{71,}[^ ]+' /dev/null"

Now I can do compile-command in my Emacs and step through the wide entries,
correcting them where possible. Sometimes it's not; there are some *long* URLs
in the file.

I'll clean this up before each release.

We're now down to 29 missing entries, by the way; I got three almost immediately
on posting the request, and congratualations to the IA64 port group who are now
completely clean. Here is the revised list:

ARM port:

CPU_ARM1020_CPU_IDLE: arch/arm/mm/proc-arm1020.S
CPU_ARM1020_D_CACHE_ON: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm1020.S
CPU_ARM1020_FORCE_WRITE_THROUGH: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm1020.S
CPU_ARM1020_I_CACHE_ON: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm1020.S
CPU_ARM1020_ROUND_ROBIN: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm1020.S
CPU_ARM920_CPU_IDLE: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm920.S
CPU_ARM920_D_CACHE_ON: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm920.S
CPU_ARM920_I_CACHE_ON: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm920.S
CPU_ARM920_WRITETHROUGH: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm920.S
CPU_ARM926_CPU_IDLE: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm926.S
CPU_ARM926_D_CACHE_ON: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm926.S
CPU_ARM926_I_CACHE_ON: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm926.S
CPU_ARM926_ROUND_ROBIN: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm926.S
CPU_ARM926_WRITETHROUGH: arch/arm/ arch/arm/mm/proc-arm926.S
CPU_FREQ: drivers/video/sa1100fb.c drivers/video/sa1100fb.h drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_generic.c arch/arm/ arch/arm/mach-sa1100/Makefile arch/arm/mach-sa1100/generic.c arch/arm/mach-integrator/cpu.c

S390 port:

DASD_AUTO_DIAG: drivers/s390/ drivers/s390/block/dasd.c
DASD_AUTO_ECKD: drivers/s390/ drivers/s390/block/dasd.c
DASD_AUTO_FBA: drivers/s390/ drivers/s390/block/dasd.c
HWC_CPI: drivers/s390/ drivers/s390/char/Makefile
PFAULT: arch/s390/ arch/s390/kernel/smp.c arch/s390/kernel/traps.c arch/s390/mm/fault.c arch/s390x/ arch/s390x/kernel/smp.c arch/s390x/kernel/traps.c arch/s390x/mm/fault.c
SHARED_KERNEL: arch/s390/Makefile arch/s390/ arch/s390/kernel/head.S arch/s390x/Makefile arch/s390x/ arch/s390x/kernel/head.S

CRIS port:

ETRAX_ETHERNET_LPSLAVE: arch/cris/drivers/ arch/cris/drivers/Makefile arch/cris/kernel/head.S
ETRAX_ETHERNET_LPSLAVE_HAS_LEDS: arch/cris/drivers/ arch/cris/drivers/lpslave/e100lpslave.S
ETRAX_NETWORK_LED_ON_WHEN_ACTIVITY: arch/cris/drivers/ arch/cris/drivers/ethernet.c arch/cris/drivers/lpslave/e100lpslave.S
ETRAX_NETWORK_LED_ON_WHEN_LINK: arch/cris/drivers/ arch/cris/drivers/ethernet.c arch/cris/drivers/lpslave/e100lpslave.S
ETRAX_SHUTDOWN_BIT: include/asm-cris/io.h arch/cris/


ITE_I2C_ADAP: drivers/i2c/ drivers/i2c/Makefile
ITE_I2C_ALGO: drivers/i2c/ drivers/i2c/Makefile
MTD_ARM_INTEGRATOR: drivers/mtd/maps/ drivers/mtd/maps/Makefile

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