Re: [kbuild-devel] CML2 1.9.7 is available

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 03:41:35 EST

Keith Owens <>:
> Dangling symlink kernel-tree/scripts/ breaks the CML2 install,
> rm kernel-tree/scripts/ first.

> There are still discrepancies between the output produced by different
> forms of make *config. I am also seeing spurious deduction messages
> which may be related or may be a separate problem.

Separate problem.

> Why are those deduction messages appearing in menuconfig? I just did
> make oldconfig, the config should be stable. I did not change anything
> in menuconfig, just saved it.

The deduction messages are happening because the side-effect forcing
logic fires whenever a symbol is set. It has no way of knowing
whether or not the forced symbol will occur later in the config being read.

> Why is the output after menuconfig WITH NO CHANGES different from
> the oldconfig that went into menuconfig?

I think it's because of the different timing of menu visits (forcing computation
of choice-menu defaults at different times). I'm going to run some experiments
to see if I can pin this down.

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