Re: swapping problem on kernel >= 2.4.14

From: vda (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 09:06:28 EST

On Thursday 13 December 2001 07:48, Caleb Moore wrote:
> I have tried to change to kernel 2.4.16 from 2.4.13 and my system crashes
> every time it starts using swap. This is the case down to 2.4.14 even when
> it is built using default options. My system is a AMD duron with 128MB of
> RAM and two swap partitions both 128MB on my non boot hard drive.
> could someone please fix this

You can significantly raise probability of this being fixed with some
investigation: does it crash with one swap partition? without swap partitions?
with swap file? does it produce an oops? etc

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