Re: USB not processing APM suspend event properly?

From: Thomas Hood (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 09:10:18 EST

On Thu, 2001-12-13 at 05:36, Russell King wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 08:03:48PM -0500, Thomas Hood wrote:
> > But do you agree that the present code does NOT do this?
> Ok, thinking about this obfuscated code more, it would appear so. It
> would also appear that when the suspend request comes from the APM bios,
> the ioctl() method will not call send_event() at all - instead it comes
> from check_events().


> However, as I said previously, this is a minor issue. I'd rather the
> major problem was fixed.

I agree entirely. I think that this change should be made.
The question is 'When?'. Is this too big a change to make
in 2.4?


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