User/kernelspace stuff to set/get kernel variables

From: DevilKin (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 10:54:05 EST


I've been looking on the web, and couldn't really find what i would want...

Basically: is it possible to - one way or another - set variables at kernel boot and read those using userspace utilities?

for instance: i boot my kernel (using any old bootmanager that accepts kernel params)

LILO: linux network=dhcp

and later, in the init scripts, i check the value of this variable using some sort of userspace program, and if it happends to be 'dhcp' i'll invoke the dhcp client.
Otherwise i'd just give a static address.

I have other uses for this, for instance, you want your disks to be FSCK'ed, but don't wanna boot first, or, don't wanna go in single user mode

LILO: linux dofsck=true

Does something like this exist? Is it implementable in an easy way? (I know a few programming languages, but only little C(++)....)


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