Re: Any arch specific changes to scripts directory?

From: M. R. Brown (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 12:18:35 EST

* Keith Owens <> on Thu, Dec 13, 2001:

> On Wed, 12 Dec 2001 23:59:43 -0600,
> "M. R. Brown" <> wrote:
> >On an somewhat-related subject, here are a couple of utility scripts that
> >make it easier to use drop-in trees with various stock kernels. These are
> >used by linux-mips, linuxconsole (Ruby), and linuxsh developers, so it's
> >assumed they'd be useful to anyone else who needs to build those kernels.
> This facility and more is built into kbuild 2.5, which is going into
> 2.5 soon. I don't see the point in adding this to 2.4 now, especially
> since kbuild 2.5 can also run on 2.4 kernels.

True, but IMO the majority of people aren't using kbuild with 2.4 yet.
Plus the fact that kbuild isn't included in 2.4 - I'm thinking of the
newbie/more-than-casual user who just wants to a) grab vanilla, b) run the
provided treelink scripts to drop in their second kernel. Patching the
kernel with kbuild 2.5 would be a bit too intrusive for this.

Marcelo, can these scripts go into 2.4?

M. R.

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