Re: TUX 2

From: Paulo Schreiner (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 14:48:56 EST

Hey, i managed to isolate the problem. It's a conflict with the PPP
Deflate option.
I don't think that (from what I read from the help) that this option is
so importanto, but notheless, i think this is a bug with the TUX's
patches. My guess is that just changing the struct names that conflict
would solve the problem. I might even try to do it myself if no one else
does until the weekend.

Thanks for the help,
Paulo S.

J Sloan wrote:

>Paulo Schreiner wrote:
>>Well, well, just managed to reproduce the error here in my mandrake system.
>Well, I attach my config for your enjoyment -
>At first glance, the only thing that strikes
>me about your config is that you don't
>like modules, and it also seems to be a
>laptop config -
>BTW not compiling tux as a module
>must suck - instead of stopping tux
>and unloading the module, you must
>reboot as with a windoze pee cee, if
>major config changes are made -
>BTW I'm using Red Hat 7.1 & 7.2, gcc-2.96 -
>(Please oblige the following sanity check)
>After applying patches, be sure there are
>no rejects - and then after saving your config,
>do a "make mrproper", then after restoring
>your .config, do a "make oldconfig", then do
>the normal compile steps -

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